I went to Chennai, India for 3 weeks in 2012, and to Kenya for 5 weeks, as a volunteer. I don’t have many pictures from the India half of the trip, the reason being that I happened to drop my camera into the toilet during my first week. Yup, sure did! And it was one of those whole-in-the-ground type toilets so it was particularly nasty. However, I did get some good pictures from the Kenya half of the trip. We stayed in Kisumu and surroundings so all the pictures are from that area.

They always bring a smile to my face, such good memories! Although, I did get unbelievably bad food poisoning in India and ended up in the hospital..twice! But besides that, there are only good memories from the trip.

The children were so nice and charming, polite, well behaved… they were just incredible. I saw them out on the “playground” one afternoon (the playground was actually just a dusty plain with one tree in the middle) and because they had no toys they where all huddled together under the tree, jumping up and down. There was one lead singer singing something in Swahili and the other children would sing back at her. It was amazing. These children were around 3-8 years old. I remember just standing there thinking “now that’s what you call resourceful. They’re not going to let anything stand in the way of them having some fun!” I’ll see if I can’t find the video somewhere, I might post it here, it’s worth seeing!

I Hope you Enjoy!

-Camilla Stacey